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Welcome to Silver Bullet Pest Control, your trusted local pest control and extermination company in New Jersey. We specialize in providing effective solutions for all your pest-related concerns in Bergen County, New Jersey, Morris Country New Jersey, and Essex County New Jersey.

Our dedicated team at Silver Bullet Pest Control is equipped to handle a wide range of pest problems promptly and efficiently. Whether you’re dealing with mice, small nuisance ants,Spiders carpenter ants, carpenter bees, stinging insect nests, or stink bugs, and Wildlife, we have the expertise to resolve these issues effectively.


We take pride in offering FREE, no-obligation estimates for all our services. Additionally, we provide convenient online purchasing options for our mouse control, small nuisance ant control, carpenter ant control, carpenter bee control, stinging insect nest removal, as well as stink bug prevention. We offer Home Intensive Plan and Home Traditional Plan to cater to your specific needs.

When it comes to pest control in New Jersey , Silver Bullet Pest Control stands out as the best choice. With our exceptional service and proven results, we are confident in our ability to deliver the highest level of pest control solutions for your peace of mind.



We offer pest control services Bergen County, Morris County, Passaic County, Union County call us to set up and appointment 


Our Pest Control services

Bat Removal

Bat Exclusion

Carpenter Bee Remocal

Boxelder Bugs

Cicaida Killers


Hornets Removal

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We offer pest control services Bergen County, Morris County, Passaic County, Union County call us to set up and appointment 973-510-2585


Commercial services offer Ant Control,Mice Treatment,Rat Control, Flea Control,Spiders,Ticks,Termite Treatments,Termite Inspections.


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Kionna Prescott
Kionna Prescott
We have used Silver Bullet for the past few months since moving to our home. They are always punctual and provide a lot of information and great tips for prevention measures… they always do a thorough examination.
Sharon Lawson
Sharon Lawson
The young man Was very knowledgeable came out To do a home Wildlife inspection of raccoons and squirrels and did a phenomenal job of inspecting ,Taking pictures , Sharing his findings and Resolving any and All issues Expeditiously !!! I highly Recommend them !!⁷
Henry Borland
Henry Borland
I seldom leave reviews but was VERY pleased with the service! I was like here we go I’m about to get $$$lammed but David came out and analyzed the situation and even gave me some free tips I could do on my own. Very knowledgeable. Didn’t feel any sales pressure. Recommend highly, will use again if needed.
Rissy Hirsh
Rissy Hirsh
David came to our house on time to help us with a mouse issue. From the moment he arrived it was clear that he had the knowledge to take care of the problem. He carefully pointed out the. areas that needed to be addressed. He was thorough and patient and took the time to explain every detail so there would a reasonable solution. David is personable and friendly and reassuring at an unsettling time. We recommend him highly. Silver Bullet is there when you need them. Mike & Rissy Clifton
Paul DeVries
Paul DeVries
These guys did a great job in getting rid of our uninvited house eating squirrel and securing the area so it doesn’t come back. This squirrel was fat and happy living in my gutter and eating the fascia for lunch every day. David provided Squirrel a one way exit (literally) and Squirrel has not been seen since (this was back in March).. I would definitely hire these guys again!

Silver Bullet Pest Control has been offering dependable pest control solutions to homes and businesses for more than ten years. The modern pest control company is Silver Bullet. We meet the new demands for healthy environments for individuals and businesses through prevention, cutting-edge technology, and long-term solutions. Silver Bullet Pest Control is proud to provide residents and businesses in the New Jersey, areas with the most cost-effective and efficient pest management and extermination services.

Our team delivers custom-tailored solutions that far exceed the norm given our more than ten years of industry experience. We proudly back every job we do, no matter how big or small or whether you need residential or commercial pest control. We are happy to assist you in controlling and preventing pests like ants, mice, mosquitoes, termites, bed bugs, and many others in NJ, where we proudly serve both residential and commercial properties. We are eager to welcome you into the Silver Bullet family and ensure the health, happiness, and pest-free environment of your home or business. Serving families and businesses across New Jersey for ten years with pride.


Silver Bullet Pest Control is an industry-leading in New Jersey, Silver Bullet we pride ourselves on treating our staff and customers like members of our family, and because of this philosophy, we’ve become a trusted resource for dependence, quality service in our community. Here is somethings we’ve committed to bring value to local residents.


When you find pests in your home, we know that you want them gone as quick as possible, then Guardian will offer you full day service.


When you find pests in your home, we know that you want them gone as quick as possible, then Guardian will offer you full day service.


Silver Bullet offers timely, pro-active prevention with minimum impact on your family, home life and budget. That makes us one of the best affordable services.


Every day, more families choose us as their pest control company because of what they get. We also come up with money-back guarantee for our services.


We treat your home as if it was our own. We keep our appointment and deliver our best everytime we visit your sweet home.


Pests can possibly lead to difficult issues for mortgage holders and entrepreneurs all through New Jersey. Pests are on a steady quest for food, water, and safe house and will keep on being a danger until you find proactive ways to safeguard against them. Tragically, numerous mortgage holders and entrepreneurs make it simple for pests to get inside and lay out a pervasion. A little break in the outside of your home or business is in many cases everything necessary for a pervasion to begin.

Pests that Threaten New Jersey Homes and Businesses

The rundown of pests that are a danger to your New Jersey home or business is, tragically, very lengthy. Exterminators make sense of pests like rodents, insects, subterranean insects, and put away item pests can pervade your food supply. Mortgage holders and some entrepreneurs in New Jersey likewise need to manage the danger of blood sucker pervasions. 

Protect Your New Jersey Home from Pests

The first step in protecting your New Jersey home from pests is to determine if you currently have an infestation. A pest control expert from Silver Bullet Pest Control Pest can inspect your home for signs of an infestation and identify the type of pest that is causing damage. After the initial inspection, the New Jersey pest control experts at Silver Bullet Pest Control Pest will recommend and apply a course of treatment.

I’ve found bed bugs 3 days ago. Don’t know what to do but call to Guardian Pest Control. They came to my house very quickly and provided an effective solution for my issue. Recommended these guys for sure!

Mary Jane New Jersey

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Date and Times that are chosen in this page can vary you can submit your information and we will contact you and try our best to service your address on the date and time chosen depending on the schedule can vary thank you in advance please fill our this form.

We provide termite inspections and termite treatments Service for commercial businesses and offices and building demolition including townhomes residential properties. We use the latest technology available in the market with our I.P.M programs we use to completely eliminate the pest from your property.we offer Mice control, Rat Control, Roaches, Ant Control,Bee Control, Wasp Removal, Fleas & Ticks, Bedbugs inspection and treatments.,Termite Treatment and Inspections and treatments.

You can undoubtedly get the most ideal pest control benefits that anyone could hope to find today by entering your data and setting up an arrangement on the web. for valuing in your space. Keep in mind, it's anything but a question of "on the off chance that" you have a pest issue, however "when" you will experience pests in your home from now on.

At the point when you buy at Silver Bullet Pest Control Plan, besides the fact that you buying are a help for your particular nuisance issue, yet you're buying inclusion for these 13 normal bugs: cockroaches, insects, insects, rodents, mice, wasps, centipedes, millipedes, garments moths, house crickets and silverfish. Our bug control specialists are skillfully prepared to distinguish your particular bug issue and give viable nuisance and bug control.

Bug control expenses can change by area, size of property, degree of pervasion from there, the sky is the limit. That is on the grounds that our organization modifies your Pest Control Plan in light of your particular necessities. Our Silver Bullet professionals live and work in your area and know the vermin well defined for it. Inner harmony is inestimable, and you can relax knowing that with 90+ long stretches of involvement.

Besides the fact that bugs be can a disturbance, yet some might possibly compromise your property and wellbeing. At the point when bug control medicines aren't accurately utilized and applied, bother issues can turn out to be more terrible and all the more an irritation or danger. Silver Bullet Pest Control experts know how to give a bug review and apply the right bug and bug control answers for address your particular requirements.

Pest control expenses can fluctuate by area, size of property, degree of invasion and that's only the tip of the iceberg. That is on the grounds that our organization alters your Pest Control Plan in view of your particular necessities. Our Silver Bullet specialists live and work in your area and know the pests well defined for it. Inward feeling of harmony is precious, and you can sit back and relax knowing that with 10+ long periods of involvement.

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