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Silver Bullet Pest Control is the top leading flea and tick exterminator in new jersey.

The most cutting-edge technology and methods are combined in our targeted flea pest control service to assist you in reclaiming your home or business.

What are the risks of fleas or ticks?

Fleas Bites
Bug bites bring about red spots that frequently are encircled by blushed haloes. They are incredibly irritated and may cause uneasiness.

Pets Carrying Fleas into the Home

Pets transfer fleas to the beds and furniture where they rest, so assuming that you’re snuggling with your pet, you might be bringing fleas into your own bedding.

Insect Invaded Carpets and Furniture

Fleas rest up to 50 eggs each day on your pets, and as they move around inside, the eggs spread, and fleas favor covering and upholstered furniture.





Your Neighborhood Flea and Tick Control Specialists

Serving Bergen | Morris | Essex | Passaic | Somerset Area
Fleas and ticks are the most widely recognized parasitic bugs living in Northern New Jersey. Being so little, the two of them are difficult to dispose of. In specific cases, fleas and ticks can spread illnesses and cause contaminations in the two individuals and pets, so it means a lot to find legitimate ways to dispose of them when you generally dislike all things considered. This typically implies collaborating with an expert tick or insect control organization to lead bug control benefits that will dispose of them and fend them off.

The insect and tick control experts at Silver Slug Irritation Control Administrations realize that issues with parasitic bugs can be exceptionally unpleasant. We will strive to keep them out of your home in Northern New Jersey.

Complete Bug and Tick Control Arrangements
When ticks or fleas lay down a good foundation for themselves on your property, it very well may be very hard to dispose of them without assistance from a tick or bug evacuation master. Our professionals at Silver Slug Bug Control Administrations can help you by taking additional consideration to examine your whole property for bother areas of interest. At the point when we find the purposes behind your invasion, we will draft a special intend to end it. With customized administration and experienced experts, you should rest assured that we will keep ticks and fleas off of your property for good.

Need a Quote for Insect or Tick Control?

This bug control plan will include:


Species – recognizing the insect species causing the issue.

Instruction – making sense of the bug’s life cycle and how their propensities, territory, and conduct can influence the irritation control plan gave.

Has – assessing for the presence of different creatures that are the insect populace’s wellspring of food. This might incorporate rodents either inside or outside the home or maybe a raccoon or wild feline that is residing in the unfinished plumbing space.

Vets – homeowner reaching their veterinarian for guidance and acquisition of bug control items that can be utilized on pets.

Washing – normal washing and prepping of pets.

Synthetic substances – making sense of the utilization of development controllers that will obstruct the bug’s ordinary advancement into the grown-up stage.

Vacuum – utilizing major areas of strength for a to truly eliminate insect eggs, hatchlings, pupae, and grown-ups.

Bedding – often washing and drying pet bedding.

Items – treating impacted regions by utilizing protected and viable insect control items where youthful fleas might be found.

Examinations – booking a subsequent visit.

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