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silver Bullet Termite and Pest Control is the ideal answer for disposing of mice. Mice are little rodents typically having a pointed nose, little adjusted ears, a body-length tail and a quick reproducing rate. A house mouse is the most widely recognized kind of mouse and is even kept as a pet. Field mice are locally normal, yet they attack homes for nourishment and safe house.

call SILVER BULLET Termite and Pest Control for every one of your mice annihilation needs. Except if you have a pet mouse, call SILVER BULLET to dispose of mice and make the most of your home or office by and by.


Felines, hounds, foxes, feathered creatures and snakes go after mice. Indeed, even with every one of the predators mice experience, despite everything they appear to have outstanding amongst other endurance rates.

Mice are vermin and cause much harm while spreading sicknesses. In the United States, breathing mouse dust from their droppings causes medical issues in people.

Mice have an incredible feeling of smell and hearing to make up for their poor visual perception. Mice like to passage and set passages underground and manufacture mind boggling courses for getting away.

Call Silver Bullet Termite and Pest Control and dispose of mice today. For your solace and wellbeing, don’t hold up one more moment. Call to

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