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Pre-Demolition Rodent Extermination Certificate

Pre-Demolition Rodent Extermination Certificate


The City requires that preceding demolition, structures should be assessed and baited
by a licensed rodent exterminator. The New Jersey Division of Wellbeing and
Mental Cleanliness (DOH) manages rodent goading, and regularly gives a testament
expressing that the structure has been examined and baited suitably.
The Division of Structures (DOB) requires the pre-demolition rodent
killing endorsement before a demolition grant can be given. Due to the
late Coronavirus episode, The Workplace of Bug Control is founding a brief
self-affirmation program. The new self-affirmation structure is to be utilized instead of
the Elimination Endorsement letter that is typically issue d by the Workplace of
Pe st Control; us e it as you would the letter.

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At the point when the licensed exterminator goes to the demolition site, they can finish and
sign the “Demolition Rodent Assessment Self Certificate Application structure.

1. Licensed exterminator assesses the demolition site, either confirming that the
site is liberated from rodents, or needing a rodent killing. While requiring a
rodent killing, the exterminator introduces alter safe rodent snare
station(s) as per the picked rodenticide’s name. DOHMH
suggests the utilization of Bromadiolone rodenticide.

2. Licensed exterminator finishes and signs the “Demolition Rodent
Assessment Self-Certificate Application,” which is remembered for this part.


3. Licensed exterminator gives the finished and marked structure to the plan
proficient who will document the full Self-Certificate Demolition application
at the Branch of Structures (DOB) and messages a duplicate of the finished

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