Silver Bullet Pest Control Limited Pest Control Special

Life Time Price Lock Yearly

Valued At over 1500$ If Purchase separately Check List Below 

Insects Covered Under this Yearly Special Price 


Spider-Silver Fish-Water Bugs-Scorpions-PillBugs-LadyBugs-Spider Mites- Carpenter Ants Cornfield Ants, Field Ants, Honey Ants, Odorous House Ants, Pavement Ants-Grain Beetles-Indian Meal Moth-Grain Weevils, Red Flour Beetles, Rice Weevils, Saw-Toothed Grain Beetles-Firebrats-Drain Flies-Sewer Flies-Fruit Flies 

Rodents  Rats-Mice

Bees And Wasp is Covered Under This Plan  

Free Drain Foam Treatment If Needed 


Pest Type

Average Cost



Bed bugs
























Factors That Influence Vermin Control Expenses 

Numerous factors are engaged with valuing these administrations, making it challenging to know precisely the amount to hope to pay for your nuisance control needs. Pest control companies will take into account the following when providing pricing estimates:

Kinds of household pests.

The cost of pest control can be influenced by the kind of pests you’re fighting. For a regular monthly fee, general pest control services can prevent pest problems, but targeted termite extermination, for instance, can cost thousands of dollars.
 Your home’s size. A professional exterminator will likely inquire about your home’s square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms during your initial call. The amount of treatment needed and the cost of it can be affected by these figures.

The size of your yard

The representative of the pest control company will probably ask how big your yard is because it can tell how much treatment will be needed to make a barrier against pests on the outside of your property. You can give an estimate if you don’t know the exact amount of land, or the technician can give you a more accurate estimate when they visit your house.
 Your postal division. Prices for pest control can vary depending on where you live because some areas are more susceptible to pest problems than others. Additionally, you may be subject to additional travel costs if your residence is far from the closest local exterminator.
 The number of visits.

Your monthly payment will be based on the number of annual visits included in the pest control plan you sign up for. For instance, compared to some of its rivals, whose general pest control plan includes quarterly visits to your home,
 The degree of infestation Your pervasion’s seriousness might require extra medicines or heavier utilization of items, which could build the general expense of your administration. For severe infestations, for instance, tenting-based fumigations may be recommended at a cost of $1 to $4 per square foot.

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