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Raccoon Removal Services - New Jersey Pest Control Services

Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoon Removal Services

We’ll find the intruders, figure out the best way to get them out of your house, and make a plan to stop them from coming back. Whoever has access to your home will be completely under your control. thrown out. stayed out. Guaranteed.

Wildlife is something we are familiar with.


Wildlife can potentially start fires by chewing on wires.


\When squirrels are looking for seeds, nuts, roots, and plants to eat, they can damage lawns and garden beds.


Raccoons have the ability to travel far beyond their natural habitat. Chimneys and attics are typical urban hiding places for them.

On television and in movies, raccoons have been known to steal the show. Even though many people think these animals are just as cute in person, it’s best to avoid them. If they feel threatened, raccoons will defend themselves, just like any other wild animal. Call a professional raccoon removal company as soon as you notice raccoons playing around on your property.

Raccoon removal typically costs between $350 and $600. Keep in mind that this is for one raccoon; consequently, the price of removing raccoons will probably rise if you have multiple visitors. If the raccoons have constructed their nest in a difficult-to-reach location like the roof or within the walls, the cost will be even higher.

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