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Silver Bullet Pest Control

Welcome to Silver Bullet Pest Control!

Effective and Reliable Pest Control Services for Your Home and Business

Get Protected with $150.00 in your Initial  General  Ant Pest Control Service

Silver Bullet Pest Control is family-owned and locally operated, serving Bergen County New Jersey. All of our products are pet and kid-friendly and you’ll never be required to leave your home for standard treatment.
If you ever see pests between services, we come back for free every time!

What Do We Exterminate?

We eliminate any ants, fleas, black widows, spiders, wasps, rats/mice, all species of cockroaches, and more.*pest-control-services-Facebook*jpeg?alt=media&token=62c5c07c-be27-4d7f-a50d-65b8da0cf747

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our regular service products. If you are not satisfied with the service we will return, at no extra cost, between services to address the issue. If you are still not satisfied we will give you a full refund on your most recent service.*Green-Clean-and-Idaho-Local-Badge*png?alt=media&token=0db01796-d797-4878-81da-aaf45c8251fd

Health & Safety

The safety of our customer’s families is our top priority, which is why we will always use the safest and most effective treatment for the situation.

“We Protect Your Home So You Don’t Have To”

**We are Insured, Bonded, and licensed by the State of New Jersey . Our Technicians participate in continuous education to stay up to date with all of the best application procedures and Laws/Regulations in New Jersey .**


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 Why Choose Silver Bullet Pest Control

  • Highly Experienced Professionals: Our team of licensed and trained pest control experts has years of experience in handling various pest infestations.

  • Customized Solutions: We understand that every pest problem is unique, so we tailor our pest control strategies to meet your specific needs.

  • Safe and Eco-Friendly Methods: We prioritize the safety of your family, pets, and the environment, using only approved and eco-friendly pest control techniques.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We are committed to providing you with exceptional service, and we back it up with our satisfaction guarantee.


Residential Pest Control: Protect your home and loved ones from unwanted pests with our comprehensive residential pest control services. Say goodbye to ants, roaches, spiders, rodents, and more!

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control: Keep your business environment pest-free and maintain a positive reputation with our effective commercial pest control solutions. We serve offices, restaurants, warehouses, and more.

Bed Bug Extermination

Bed Bug Extermination: Don’t let bed bugs disrupt your sleep and peace of mind. Our specialized bed bug extermination services will eliminate these pests from your home or hotel.

Termite Protection

Termite Protection: Safeguard your property from costly termite damage with our proactive termite protection plans. Our team will detect, prevent, and eliminate termite infestations.

Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Removal: If you’re dealing with unwanted wildlife intruders, our skilled team will safely and humanely remove them from your property and implement prevention measures.

[Section 3 – Why Act Now]

  • Pests multiply rapidly, so acting promptly can prevent a small problem from turning into a major infestation.

  • Protect Your Investment: Whether it’s your home or business, investing in pest control can save you from costly damages and repairs.

  • Health and Safety: Pests can pose health risks to your family or customers. Our services create a safe and hygienic environment.

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